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Topic: Diffs between: Kontakt, 1.5.x, Silver, Gold?

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    Diffs between: Kontakt, 1.5.x, Silver, Gold?

    I'm starting to read about samplers and I'm confused about Kontakt and the differences between versions. First of all -- I am copying and pasting this directly from kontakt_manual_english.pdf:

    "First, we at Native Istruments would like to thank you for buying KONTAKT 1.5. As our newest edition to the sampling line of software, KONTAKT 1.5 could be considered the little brother to the software mega-samplers KONTAKT and KOMPAKT." Huh???

    What's the difference between KONTAKT, KONTAKT 1.5, KONTAKT SILVER, and KONTAKT GOLD?

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    Re: Diffs between: Kontakt, 1.5.x, Silver, Gold?

    Kontakt is a sofware sampler. Kontakt 1.5 is simply the most current version. [That text is weird, and is probably a German translation problem. I think they are referring to the fact that Kontakt 1.5 is "younger" since the original version of Kontakt, and Kompakt have been out for a while.]

    One loads Kontakt format sample libraries in Kontakt to play them.

    A year or so ago, Native Instruments created partnerships with sample developer companies (East West, Best Service, Zero-G) to start selling sample libraries that come with what I would call a "mini Kontakt" player.

    Therefore you will see ads (many on this forum) that talk about "virtual instruments" based on Kontakt, a "player" version called "Kompakt", and a looped music version called "Intakt".

    Kontakt Gold and Kontakt Silver are sample library "instruments" specifically for the Sibelius 3 scoring program:

    The best way to understand all of this is to look at NI's website. There entire product line is listed along the left-hand side of the screen, just keep scrolling:

    You might ALSO be confused with the terms "Silver and Gold" because East West has their Kompakt-player based Symphonic Orchestra sample libraries in three "flavors" -- Silver, Gold, and Platinum:


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    Re: Diffs between: Kontakt, 1.5.x, Silver, Gold?

    I hate to clutter forums but I just had to say thanks Martin for that extremely informative answer!

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