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Topic: whats the latest?

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    Unhappy whats the latest?

    i cant tell by looking thru these 20 or so threads... tommorow, next week
    am dumb for even asking??

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    Re: whats the latest?

    Next month!!

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    Re: whats the latest?

    Friday (8/27) or Monday (8/30).

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    Re: whats the latest?

    The latest is that no one really knows when it will be here, so bascially the ship date will come as a surprise to all. No more point in wokrrying about it, I guess.

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    Re: whats the latest?

    I called sales and the guy said the end of the week. But keep in mind that he's a young guy with the job of taking orders. He's not exactly the project manager. And he may have heard that things will arrive from their supplier on that day. It doesn't mean that they go out the door on zero turnaround.

    I've also read that it will go out early next week. That's the better bet. But not a sure bet. Ain't nothin' sure in this world...


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