I'm looking for recommendations.

I've burned some DVD-Videos and I want to make copies. Unfortunately, you can't just copy the files to create a clone - even if you burned it yourself. Talk about a stupid application of copy protection!

Any recommendations for good, cheap software for this application. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to advertise to those who are looking to rip DVDs from Hollywood.

Also, at NAB I head about some DVD authoring software that costs about $99, is very full-featured, but doesn't include an MPEG-2 encoder. But I can't remember the name. I already have some content in DVD-compatible MPEG-2 format, and I'd prefer to use it as is, rather than to decode/recode like most of the authoring/burning software does. Why go through another generation of loss? And it's potentially a lot quicker to boot.

All recommendations are welcome. Thanks!