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Topic: convolution demos

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    convolution demos of piano sustain

    Since several people are curious about the new featured convolution sustain sample modeling that we used in the GOLD BUNDLE GS3 pianos I quickly made these short demos for you.
    The idea is basic but very effective:
    The use of convolution here is to realistically improve the behaviour of the sustain pedal. In traditional sample libraries you use the sustain pedal as a simple ON-OFF switch to select which sample to play (the sustain pedal up sample or the sustain pedal down sample) and you have to operate the sustain pedal BEFORE you play a note. This is a big problem for a real pianist who is used to operate the sustain pedal any time while playing and immediately get the body resonance. This is essentially what GigaPulse does. You play a note or chord and hold the keys down, you can press the sustain pedal any time and the impulse-based resonance model of the piano comes in immediately. When you release the pedal the resonance fades away- just as in real life! The IR for this has to be recorded from the same piano as the samples to match perfectly.
    And this is a huge resource saver: you don’t have to load two version of each note (the sustain pedal up and the sustain pedal down version) to get the result you want. You can load half as many samples and still get more realistic results than with the traditional system. More realistic because with GigaPulse you can actually control the amount of sustain resonance!
    So if you want to emulate half pedal or quarter pedal you can do so by assigning a midi controller to the GigaPulse Wet/Dry balance or to the Perspective controler. See the picture of this basic embedded GP body resonance instance in the OLD LADY.

    This GP instance is available for all versions of GigaStudio (the GigaPulse Pro version has more controls).

    All clips are simple sequences and kept light (<1 MB) although in a high bitrate (256 kbps).
    The first clip is a plain staccato sequence performed on The EMPEROR. There is no convolution, you hear pedal up samples only. Notice the hard wired release sampe!
    No Sustain (staccato)

    This second clip is the real recorded sustain pedal. This patch uses seperate samples for pedal up and pedal down.
    Real Sustain Samples

    This clip features the convoluted sustain pedal emulation with a nominal setting. The Wet/Dry amount is 100%/100%.
    Convolution Sustain

    This clip has a higher Wet/Dry setting: 75%/125% so you hear more resonance.
    Convolution Sustain 125%

    This last clip is the isolated convolution sound (200% WET). Just to give you an impression of the effect.
    Convolution ONLY (100% wet)

    For those who like to experiment: you test all this with freely available tools on other platforms too. A very good (and freeware) Impulse plug-in is SIR.
    You can download it from the Sir Website.

    Then you need some IR's to work with. PMI has released their Impulses as a free download so that people using the Gold Bundle pianos in other platforms can use the IR's and special sounds. Download the impulses from our website: PMI IR's+Pedal sounds.
    Now you have to experiment in your host setup how to configure the sampler to play piano on two seperate instances; one that plays when you have no sustain pedal down (midi cc=64, pedal up is value 1) and one that plays when the pedal is down (midi cc64=65 or higher, usually 127). You have to route that last instance to the convolution plug-in and compensate for any delays between the two sampler instances.
    Have fun!

    Some Convolution Reverb demos have also been added to our PMI demo page
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: convolution demos

    Great! I will try this.

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    Re: convolution demos

    Hi Xavier, please share your experiments with us! Your contributions in this field are always very welcome
    I did a setup in Cubase sx where 2 instances of Kontakt were each routed to different outputs. Each mixer channel had different SIR presets (one with body res and one with zero IR). Latency is reduced to 8000 samples in the latest SIR built so when working on 96kHz you can more or less play these patches live. It would be nicer if the setup was in a multi with the routing inside one instance!). And when SIR would reach it's promised zero latency development phase...
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: convolution demos

    Funny, I just bought the entire Voxengo Convolution Bundle (while I wait for GS3 and the assorted toys) . I played with it for a while with the Old Lady, then I checked the board and saw this. Spoooky!


    P.S. Both you guys check your email...LOL
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: convolution demos

    any "convolution reverb" demos using Gigapulse ?

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    Thumbs up Re: convolution demos

    Sounds fantastic Michiel. Im looking forward to GS3, Gigapulse and the instrument body resonance modeling.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: convolution demos

    any "convolution reverb" demos using Gigapulse ?
    Convolution Reverb with GigaPulse can do anything you want from a small concert hall, a Media Venture recording room, to cathedral churches, sampled analog gear etc.
    With GigaPulse Pro you can encode your own IR's to create GP reverb programs. It boils down to the quality of the IR that you use.
    I will add a few demos using GP reverb settings that come with GS3 soon.
    This topic should have been named "Piano Sustain Convolution Demos" to indicate the focus.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: convolution demos

    It sure does sound excellent!


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    Re: convolution demos

    Convolution Reverb demos (MediaVenture, Hardwood, Lexicon 500 etc) have been added to the Gold Bundle Demo Page
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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