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Topic: ANYONE really using Giga Teleport?

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    ANYONE really using Giga Teleport?

    Hello, still working with the demo of giga teleport, and still wanting to buy it .. but the last (i hope) remaining problem is changing the Gigastudio Instrument within the midi stream carried by Teleport -- it's not working. Can not set the instrument at all, in fact. I'm using Sonar on the host computer connected over a gigabit lan to Gigastudio, works well -- but if I can't set the instrument other than by going to the Gigastudio computer and manually setting each channel, it won't work for me. Anyone successful with this??

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    Re: ANYONE really using Giga Teleport?

    I already use FXTeleport so I use Giga VST. I don't have a need to change instruments in real time so it works GREAT for me. I used to use Halion but the problem there was, with every new song I'd have to load all related samples so it made for HUGE load times. With Giga VST, I load a gigantic Gigastudio template and when I load Nuendo songs, only the 32 channel wrapper is loaded, PERFECT! Now I can mix Gigastudio within Nuendo and not have to load huge sampole lbrariies with every song. Needless to say, I'm very happy with Giga VST!

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    Re: ANYONE really using Giga Teleport?

    I use it too FX teleport with Giga VST adapter i just started to experiment till now it looks ok. I am not interested in changing instruments too so no problems for me! I'm using ethernet 100 Mbps a little slow but till now 4 instruments is not a problem very slow labtop just for trying! I will buy a new labtop when i'm absolutely convinced of gigateleport. Is somebody having experience with firewire network and using FX teleport?

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