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Topic: NDB Live! GS3 demo

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    Arrow NDB Live! GS3 demo

    Hi everyone,

    please find the link below to the first official sound demo of NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GS3. This is a short one and shows how to imitate a live recording with the library.

    The inner cathedral noises, valve- and registration sounds you may notice in the background is among the special effects shipping with NDB. You may hear lots of them in the beginning of the demo.

    (2 MB)

    The reverb comes from the cathedral where the organ is located (GigaPulse). It is stereo this time, but NDB features a 5-channel and a 7-channel reverb from that cathedral - just in case you are making a movie soundtrack.

    I hope you'll like that. More demos are coming soon.

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    Re: NDB Live! GS3 demo


    Truly magnificient! I lived not far from a very well respected pipe organ (Tabernacle at Temple Square, Salt Lake City). This convincingly puts the listener in the 'space'. Very nice work indeed.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: NDB Live! GS3 demo

    WOW Csaba, that sounds absolutely live! Stunnning stuff!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: NDB Live! GS3 demo

    Wow !!! Impressive....

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    Re: NDB Live! GS3 demo

    Rob, Michiel, Marc, thanks a lot!

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    Re: NDB Live! GS3 demo

    That is simply beautiful.

    If this doesn't convince people of the potential of GS-3 (and of course this fantastic collection of organ samples that we already know is amazing), then I don't know what will.

    Great stuff, Csaba.

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