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Topic: Weird Computer Situation---(Help?!?)

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    Question Weird Computer Situation---(Help?!?)

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    So I go to uninstall some bloat from my (98se) computer---and discover all but 3 apps (WinZip and 2 recent installations) completely gone from my Uninstall menu. EVERYTHING.
    So far (knock on wood) all my important apps (Cubase, VIs, Sound Forge, Acid, etc...) seem to be working just fine. Anyone have any idea how this could happen (and if there's a way to remedy the situation)? Even though it's just a seemingly minor technical issue, I find it very unsettling...

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    Re: Weird Computer Situation---(Help?!?)

    Have you been running any disk cleaning programs (System Mechanic, etc.). Sometimes they're registry cleaning program can wipe out some of these uninstalls. It wouldn't worry too much about it. The manual uninstalls should be there in C:\Program Files (where the actual program resides anyway.) I've never seen them disappear, but I've had quite a few that don't work when I go to use them, when that happens you're SOL and have to delete the program files and clean the registry by hand.

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    Re: Weird Computer Situation---(Help?!?)

    Some program CD's install programs have a "repair" otion that restores these registry settings. You might try that.
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