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Topic: Overture latency?

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    Overture latency?

    Armed with the latest tutuorial on Overture, I set out to do some simple stuff. After getting Overture (I think) configed up to the right midi ports, I thought maybe I could record a piano lead of a piece I could come back and add in the rest of the orchestration.

    I got it to record, sort of. The latency is horrendous. GPO is lagging almost a half second behind my playing. I can't even guess where Overture is with regard to the metronome beats. The transcription is odd.

    Am I doing something wrong, or should I give up on overture?

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    Re: Overture latency?

    Never give up! Make sure the right soundcard driver is selected in Studio, after you've done this run the ASIO config to autodetect the appropriate buffer size, etc. Also, you may want to install the latest patch for SE from Geniesoft's site, www.geniesoft.com. There should be a link to the update from the main page. Keep posting here and we'll get you going. Most likely this is driver related. I've never experienced latency with my audiophile when using Studio and Overture together. However, with my laptop and onboard audio, it took a little work to get the latency to a bearable level.

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    Re: Overture latency?


    What sound card are you using?

    Overture does not produce any sound on its own. It just sends midi signals to your midi port, sound card, or software sampler (i.e. GPO). The latency is in your sound card, or in the signal chain of the synth you are using.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Overture latency?

    I am using a RME HDSP 9652 sound card (it's also the MIDI interface).

    My KX88 keyboard controller works fine direct into the GPO player (I'm dreaming of multiple keyboards now just for fun playing live). It's only when I try to put overture in the loop that it gets wierd.

    The configuration is MIDI(2) in is selected in overture.
    Then GPO Studio instrument 1 is selected as the midi out.
    (Actually it appears you can't unselected any of the GPO midi in's in SE, I thought that was a "feature", I can select my mobo soundcard out as one of the outputs IN ADDITION).

    I've not tried downloading any updates yet...I guess I'll give that a shot.

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    Re: Overture latency?


    I agree that the next step would be to check for new drivers.

    -- Martin

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    Wink Re: Overture latency?

    Wouldn't it be nice if there were a sound card or software that would automatically detect the best latency and other parameters for your notational and sequencing software needs? Oh, and you would still have the option to adjust if need be.
    Enter ... The Twilight Zone...

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    Re: Overture latency?

    The RME drivers are already the latest.

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