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Topic: Totally LOST

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    Totally LOST

    I bought a midi controller. its an M-Audio Oxygen 8, my sound card is a audigy zx2...um, NOW WHAT? the instructions are useless...I hooked it up to my computer via a USB, now...do I need a midi cable? I am lost


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    Re: Totally LOST

    No, you need to run the USB driver install from the CD that should have been included. If not you can find the drivers from M-Audio's site. I use the Radium and it works perfect through the USB ports. After installing the drivers, you should see a midi in port for the device in your sequencer/notation program of choice. Turn it on, set your program to record, and play away.

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    Re: Totally LOST

    I don't understand, consider me 4 years old when it comes to this subject...


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    Re: Totally LOST

    OK...i installed the drivers, the system recognized it and then I rebooted. I went to Sibelius 3 and it has this thing were you can test it, and it recognized it, but no sound...

    Also, how exactly do i manipulate GPO or GOS??

    I also got a sustain pedal.


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    Re: Totally LOST

    ok got it to play in Sibelius and also through Sibelius with GPO.

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