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Topic: GS3 Piano Demo

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    GS3 Piano Demo

    I'm dying more than anything to see a few GS3 piano demos posted here. If they have the software ready and are waiting to box it, one would think they would have a sample of the new piano they are bundling with the package posted on their website. Rats!

    To my fellow early adopter giga 3.0 users: Can you create a demo and post it here? I'm more than a tad interested in hearing this new instrument.


    Mark Trainer

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    Smile Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    Since you asked so nicely:


    Excuse the performance, it's just a quick one-off. I tried to play something with a lot of dynamics, so that you can hear how mellow and how aggressive this piano can get. Probably won't be a public demo for long since it's copyrighted material, so check it out while you can.

    This demo is played using the 24-bit GigaPiano II sample and the Primary Optimal GSI. GSIs are a new concept in GigaStudio 3. They're a lot like articulation files, but include embedded effects. When you load this GSI, you'll see that the FX pulldown menu lights up in the MIDI Mixer. You can pull down this menu to see the embedded effects: pedal up resnance and pedal down resonance in this case.

    So GigaPiano II uses two instances of GigaPulse: one for when the sustain pedal is up and another for when it's down. This plus the 24-bit samples means that you'll need a speedy computer to get the most out of this piano. It also means that you might want to use one of the 16-bit versions if you have a lot of other parts going, since 24-bit samples use about 50% more processing. (Is that right? Something like that.)

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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    Not a bad performance at all, Synthetic. That piano is sure nice and bright. I could really see this cutting through in a live situation, although not sure it would be my first choice in a classical composition. I would guess that there are other variations that will be available in the package?

    Curious -- right around the 49 second mark there was a strange effect -- that at a point sounded almost like an underlying organ sample. Was this the Gigapulse sustain IR 'building up?' Very interesting...

    Thanks for sharing!



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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    wooo, I don't like this piano sound, it's kind of Jazz style piano
    I like gigapiano I better ( isn't gigapiano I is Yamaha Grand piano and Gigapiano II is Kawai grand ? )

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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    Here's another one. This one is staccato so you can hear the GigaPulse harp resonance.


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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    It's definitely a bright piano sample, I won't argue with that. It probably appeals more to the rock and country ballad guy than the moonlight sonata guy, like GigaPiano 1. But there are a bunch of great classical piano samples to choose from -- this is just another sound.

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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    There are a few different micing techniques for this piano. The mid-side pair at the shoulder is a mellower sound than the mic over the hammers that I used for these examples. I'll try to make a demo of that GSI.

    Any other requests?

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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by synthetic
    Any other requests?
    Yes! Run and hide before the natives get here!

    Thanks synthetic for posting these. I am really excited about GS3 and all the possibilities.

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    One last one for tonight. There are two mic placements for GigaPiano 2: over the hammers and in the shoulder. The latter is often used for recording piano for classical or film score music. The nice thing about this mic placement is that it's in Mid-Side. This means that you can balance the first and second mics for a focused center image or a diffuse stereo image. I balanced towards the latter for a change of pace, and added some GigaPulse Hall reverb. (The last examples didn't use reverb.) Add some student film-sounding piano and there you go.


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    Re: GS3 Piano Demo

    Whew....This last one sounds so much more useful. I think the twang of the strings in the other two could have been the over the hammer micing you were talking about. I was a little scared about the sound in the first demos, but I like the sound of this one.

    Thanks for posting them.

    Anyone have demos of the Vienna Giga Symphony yet???

    And, are we still on track to ship on Monday or Tuesday?

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