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Topic: Finally! first original track

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    Finally! first original track

    Hi all. Here´s the link for my first original composition at a real level (not counting a little mass). This is the first movement of a symphony-like work which is based on Mozart´s and Beethoven´s work. By the length, you´ll see that I´m closer to Mozart in his early... ages

    Anyway, this piece will be, hopefully, part of a portfolio I´ll show to a composer to ask him for composition lessons so I can go to the next level of studies.


    Any kind of comments are welcome, since the idea is to learn more and more.

    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Finally! first original track


    I'm a mere hobbyist and listener but I'm very impressed with what you have done. Beautifully written and executed IM(very)HO. A lot of interest to listen too and not a copy of anything (that I know) that Mozart or Beethoven did! A reflection of that era though. I think it is very clever and ingenious to create a structured piece of music as opposed to something that sounds like freelance improvisation….but everyone to his (or her…hello Danielle!) taste.

    It's similar to the building style debate that rages in the UK.....a lot believe that the ultimate designs were reached long ago. This camp is at odds with the 'modern' contemporary camp. Me? I can see both sides and enjoy both architectures….up to a point.

    I’m also interested in the evolution of engineering design. Gradually, after a number of years, designers are drawn to a similar conclusion. Car and aircraft designers have experimented, over the years, with many configurations…..but they have arrived at the ones which are most suitable/appropriate.

    Sadly?….it’s a similar thing in music. Innately, we appreciate certain things more than others….it’s a culture thing…so it’s not worth arguing about. The filtration of the first two hundred years of music (following instrument invention) narrowed down what people liked. The last 100 yrs was filled with folk trying to find something different and new to supplant the filtration of 200yrs of effort (….but alas to no, great, avail). The classics survive against the onslaught of ‘modern’ would be ‘replacers’.

    I’m very pleased to hear that people like you are still able to create beautiful music in the classic style…..which has been proven, by a few hundred years of marketing, to be what most folk want to hear.

    I very much hope to hear more of your music.

    PS Isn't GPO an amazing revelation and 'release' for ideas.

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    Re: Finally! first original track

    Very good work, I enjoyed it, and it certainly has the quality of the older classical pieces I love! I hope to hear the rest of the work in the future. Good luck with the portfolio, so far it sounds great to me!

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    Re: Finally! first original track

    Well as far as the compostion goes I thought that 'all the bits of it' were really nicely done, but they didn't develop into one another enough for big C Classical music. Some of the dynamics are a bit wierd like that bit that jumps in at about 2.03. The timing is strange there too isn't it?
    You've used many really good idea's and themes. Maybe too many. Personally I find good melodic ideas so hard to come by that I wring them dry. You casually toss them aside, knowing you've got another good one up your sleeve!
    "A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules,often with the assistence of unsuspecting musicians"

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    Re: Finally! first original track

    Wow Keol, you've really gotten the hang of GPO nicely. This sounds indistinguishable to me from a real orchestra. Nicely done!

    Very good Mozartean character. I would agree with one of the previous posters that some of the transitions seem a little abrupt, but other than that I have no criticisms.


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    Re: Finally! first original track

    Ok, I managed to fix the download problem. the file is now in a zip file.

    here´s the new link:


    Hope it works fine.

    Thanks for all the comments by those who have posted. Indeed they encourage me to write more. (Or to try at least).

    This is a very "by the book" sonata form indeed, since I´m starting in this field, but I too like to think in structure. It helped me to finish something at least

    deadbeat: I agree with you. I hear this and still think that so much could have been done, but I´m not ready yet. A fellow composer said, when I asked him if I had ruined the original idea of the movement: "no, not ruin it. perhaps not yet realized the full potential" and I agree with both of you. Then he added: "but dont worry.. it will come, some other time", so I still have some hope. (This reminds me of a Beethoven story, about a musical theme by other composer and Beethoven saying "but he doesn´t know what to do with it". I hope to be able to know what to do with an idea sometime)

    Regarding the dynamics, it´s funny. When I think they´re ok, they aren´t and the changes sound too abrupt. I still have to learn to control that properly. However, I must say I like that change of dynamics at around 2:30. It reminds a bit of the effect by Haydn in the surprise symphony. But yet... dynamics need more work.

    Again, thanks a lot for the comments, I´ll try to improve all that. I have started working in the 2nd movement which I hope it´ll be posted soon.

    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Finally! first original track

    very nice, it really is 'mozartish', or at least 'haydnish'. ending a little sudden for me, perhaps. When you say "based on Mozart's and Beethoven's work" does that mean actual themes, or accompaniment patterns, or harmonies taken from specific works? Just curious.

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    Re: Finally! first original track

    Thanks to Kevin who in the chat suggested some improvements whic I´ll try to do soon.

    Gugliel: thanks for the comments. To answer your question, it started as a movement based in Mozart´s 29th symphony. I was even using the same instruments Mozart used: oboes, Horns and strings. (note: I started writing the horns parts for un-valved horns). However my teacher suggested that I should put more people in it, and I grew the orchestra. The main theme is based on that of the 29th. However, Listening to Beethoven and knowing a bit those "weird chords" influenced the movement a lot. So, at this point I couldn´t tell which work, which harmony was the base for the final result. I´d say however, that Mozart´s 29th and Beethoven´s 1st and 3rd were the primary starting point.

    Thanks again

    Peace and well
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Finally! first original track

    Well, _Keol, you have definitely captured the essence of Viennese classicism. The only thing I would suggest is more development, I would love to hear more of your main motive tossed around, I'd love to be lost for a little longer before finding tonic again.

    I also agree with gugliel that the ending is a bit sudden. One more note would be nice. Although, actually, hmmm... I take that back. A traditional ending may not be what you had in mind. It's kind of refreshing now that I think about it to end the piece in such a way. Normally an audience would expect a traditional ending to a traditional sounding piece, and to suddenly do something so abrupt and different is actually nice. I changed my mind--I say keep the ending.

    This reminds me of a piece that I did a few years ago as an overture to a stage production of Twelfth Night. The entire production was done in an early 19th Century style, so the music followed suit. If I can ever get it together I'll re-realize it with GPO and post it.

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