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Topic: Tombstone Mockup?

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    Question Tombstone Mockup?

    movie year: 1993
    movie genre: western
    composer: Bruce Broughton

    Has anyone ever done a mock up of this score?
    Just wondering. I would love to hear it if you have.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Tombstone Mockup?

    Haven't tried it, but I love that score, great brass and percussion. 'Silverado' is good too. I'm always surprised that Bruce Broughton hasn't written more scores than he has.

    Actually, looking at that link, unless my memory is playing tricks on me I think they've missed 'Young Sherlock Holmes' off that list, which is a fun score too.

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    Re: Tombstone Mockup?

    Hi Steve.

    I agree. The score to Tombstone is amazing.

    I am also a big fan of Randy Eledlman for his work on Last of the Mohicans and Gettysburg.

    Gettysburg <-------- now there's an exercise in brass and percussion!


    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Tombstone Mockup?

    Edelman's score for Citizen X was great too. It doesn't happen often that such a great score is composed for a tv-film.

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