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Topic: GS3 is shipping?

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    GS3 is shipping?

    A friend of ours from Tascam just wrote and asked me to pass this info on to all.
    He also mentioned that GS3 will be shipping to the dealers no later than Aug 23 (in the very worst case)

    I just placed my upgrade order today (8/10).

    The rep provided the following range of dates when TASCAM will have copies available to ship out to people:

    Earliest Date Tascam to Receive: Thursday, Aug. 18th
    Latest Date Tascam to Recieve: Monday, Aug. 23rd

    So is GS3 shipping? Has anyone received it? How is it? Does it perform as well as the Tascam press says? How is the library that comes with it? How is the new Piano? Should I go ahead and get it? I was thinking of driving up to Guitar Center, they should have it by now for sure!
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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    Very funny...!

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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    I'm still waiting...
    *watches clock*
    nerp, its not making it go any faster.

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    Talking Re: GS3 is shipping?

    Yes! GS is shipping..... and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    SNL....from way way back. I didn't realize how young you were (or how old I am)

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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    Late August? For the third time I thought it was already out!
    I guess this is only another... another... what is the english word to describe what Tascam is doing?

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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    > "Ta-Scam!"



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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    GS3 is shipping now.(US& Canada only) too bad I live in Mexico. I'll wait maybe 3 or 4 months....

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    Re: GS3 is shipping?

    Tascam in Montebello is only about 2 hrs from the border on this side. Maybe it's worth a trip.


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    Re: GS3 is shipping?


    Unfortunately i dont see the $50 upgrade that they were touting ages ago. :/

    Duh! tis here https://www.globalfulfillment.net/gf...a/gigaReg.aspx

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