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Topic: My First GPO!

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    My First GPO!

    Hi there!

    I have just completed my first piece using GPO! Hurrah
    I figured I'd post it up here and see what y'all think of it...

    Arina Biecht Op (Arina confesses) [1.1 MB]

    This piece is part of a soundtrack I am working on for a short Dutch movie (30 mins). In this scene, one of the lead characters (Arina) confesses to her husband that she has been seeing someone...

    I've used just a few different parts in this piece, moslty because the director urged me to keep it small, but also because my current computer crumbles and dies if I load to many samples at once
    Fortunately, I'll be upgrading soon, so expect bigger works in the future

    Any and all comments are welcome!


    PS: Gary, I absolutely love your personal orchestra!

    Edit: added filesize

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    Re: My First GPO!

    Works for me...very sensitive, and the music sounds like it would be very supportive of the scene you've described. I think the small ensemble is just right for an intimate dialogue between Arina and her husband.

    Also, the production is very convincing. I can't tell at all that this isn't a group of studio musicians playing on a scoring session (though I am using extremely cheap headphones at the moment ). The director should be very happy with the cue.

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    Re: My First GPO!

    I agree with Darwin and also think that it's very authentic sounding...It's certainly the sort of music I would like to have in the background should ever my dear wife tell me she is seeing someone else!

    I would be inclined to pan the cello towards the centre as it's slightly too far to the right (or left if my headphones are on wrong)....as you said it's only a small group.....so they would likely be sitting together rather than in tradional orchestra positions.....I don't really know as I'm only a hobbyist....just my opinion.


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    Re: My First GPO!

    Thanks for the nice comments guys, appreciate it

    I haven't done anything special to make the production sound convincing (but I'm glad it does )... I usually program a few base/rythm parts and then play the rest on the keyboard - and never, ever, quantize! Quantization is good for making sheet music readable, nothing else... (imho)

    When playing a part, I always imagine I'm playing the real instrument, rather than triggering samples with a keyboard. I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but it helps me create better parts, so what the heck

    I'll look into panning the instruments closer together, see how it works out... also have to see which version works better in the film mix. This is my first real film project, so there's lots of trial and error going on - but it is tons of fun!

    Oh, and Frank, I really do hope you never need this kind of background music in real life!


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    Re: My First GPO!

    Very nice piece. The only thing that sounded out of place to me was the cymbal roll about halfway through. To my ear, it's unnecessary.

    Good luck with the project. The director should be happy.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Thumbs up Re: My First GPO!

    Lovely cue. I'm surprised, though, if this is the version you are submitting for the film as I would have thought that the sound folks and/or director would prefer a "dryer" mix. I, too, found the cymbals a little surprising (at around 0:15) but I've not seen the cinematic parts that this goes with, of course.

    Nice stuff! Isn't GPO amazing!? Is that the Steinway piano in GPO? I've had a continuing pull to using a different piano sample and am slowly coming around to the GPO one (however, not in all cases yet).


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    Re: My First GPO!

    Hi Jim, that's a very nice piece. I like it for what it's for.
    I have to agree with Frank, depending on the spoken dialoge, you may want to place the cello center, however, if there is spoken dialoge, you could leave the cello far to the right so that it does not interfere with the speaking lines.
    I learned a long time ago that you can make a particular sound stand out if it is panned hard to one side by itself, it can also be much lower in volume relative to everything else and still stand out, because it is in a place of it's own so to speak.
    Very good though!

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    Re: My First GPO!

    Thanks again all, for the great comments!

    I've made some changes, based on all the feedback. The panning is much tighter now - I've even moved the cello to the other side to set it apart from the double bass. I've also toned down the cymbals a notch or two. They work very well with the visuals, but they were overdoing it a little.

    Here's the new version:
    Arina Biecht Op (revised) [1.1 MB]

    @KevinKauai: The editor will get a dryer mix if he needs it... I've just added some reverb for your hearing pleasure. The piano is the Steinway from GPO, which is the best I have at the moment... I really like it though, very versatile (it also works wonders in my funky/jazzy version of "Hit the road Jack"). You're right... GPO is amazing

    @Skysaw: the director loves it

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    Re: My First GPO!

    Hi Jim, I was just listening again and I have an idea for you..
    Go into the piano midi track and lower all the velocities by at least 50% and remix with much less piano volume and put more reverb on the piano too. Try it, that's what I'm hearing, because this is a very delicate situation.... yes?


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    Re: My First GPO!

    Great job Jim !!

    Eindelijk een medelander op het forum

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