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Topic: Update when?!

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    Update when?!

    I know, it is rude to ask, but I have several projects coming up that require some orchestral scoring mock-ups.

    I loaded one up today that had Piano and string quartet.

    I used the Lite Stein and violin 1, violin 2, viola and cellos (all dry ,sus and short)

    Five voices total on one instance. There were alot of fast notes/runs and my CPU was banging close to 100% and once even froze.

    Is this normal for a Dual 1.25 Mac with 1.5 gig ram, using Pro Tools OSX?

    I hear of people using as many as 32 voices simultaneously. My cpu limit seems to be eight (when the notes aren't so fast.) 5 in this case.

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    Re: Update when?!

    I'm running ProTools on OSX 10.2.6 with a 550 mhz CPU and 1 gig RAM. And I can usually get 7 or 8 instruments running at one time. I'd expect that you should get many more instances at one time with your specs. For comparison, have you tried running GPO Studio with a notation program and not used Pro Tools at all? See if that gives you more voices. Try to narrow down where the bottleneck is occuring.


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