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Topic: Anyone have Session Strings?

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    Anyone have Session Strings?

    Big Fish audio is selling chamber strings. Does anyone have them?

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    Re: Anyone have Session Strings?

    I assume you are referring to Prime Sound Session strings ?

    I have bought these for my rock/pop projects where I wanted a
    smaller section sound. The sound is quite ambient, you hear a lot of "room".
    It works really well and blends quite good in the mix,
    but I would not recommend it for orchestral stuff as you only have 4 articulations and fast repetitions short bows are not that good ( no alternation programmed or whatsoever ).
    I started programming some patches to overcome some of its limitations...

    But anyway, the sound is quite rich and it does the job for me.
    Hey , and it only costed me 90 Euros here, so I don't complain....


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