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Topic: Tascam finally changes their page...

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    Tascam finally changes their page...

    Tascam's web page has finally changed! The front page says "Gigastudio 3.0 Orchestra Ensemble and Solo are now shipping!" But if you click on that link you get "GigaStudio Customers: GigaStudio 3.0 will not ship out until September 7th, but you can reserve your copy today by pre-ordering. Take advantage of this chance to get GigaStudio 3.0 as quickly as possible!"

    I think that pretty specifically states that it is not shipping! So are they just trying to look stupid now?

    I'll order mine when I hear that someone else has it and it works.


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    Talking Re: Tascam finally changes their page...

    They should also remove the stupid press release that's been on the TASCAM home page (upper left corner) that says it shipped in July.

    I'll believe when people start yelling "I got mine!"

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    Re: Tascam finally changes their page...

    Yeah, the July thing is kinda silly... oh well.

    I'm more concerned about this "John 5" character...

    Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Should he see a doctor about those lips?


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    Re: Tascam finally changes their page...

    John5 says "The CD-GT1 Guitar Trainer will save you months of listening to a song over and over to make sure you're playing it correctly,"

    I downloaded the "free song" of his. I'm not sure he's playing it correctly.

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    Re: Tascam finally changes their page...

    Anyone else notice that we've never seen "John 5" and "Synthetic" in the same room together? I smell a Tascam conspiracy...

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