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Topic: Running out of Voices

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    Running out of Voices


    I'm a pretty "basic" Gigastudio user. I have Gigastudio 32 and I'm planning to upgrade to GS 3.0.

    I have found that when I use my Peter Erskine drum kit I run out of voices very quickly. I'm planning to upgrade to GigaStudio Solo (96 voices)...but I'm wondering if I'm doing something fundamentally wrong.

    Do drum kits always use up voices so quickly? Will 96 voices be enough?

    I'm using Band-in-a-Box to drive Gigastudio....mostly drum/bass/piano.

    Any thoughts and or hints?


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    Re: Running out of Voices

    It really depends on how the sample library is layed out. In my experience, yes, percussion samples can take up to 8 voices per sample played. But, this also is the case with other instruments as well. I would recommend that if you plan on using Gigastudio to create large orchestrations, get the Orchestra or at a minimum the Ensemble version of Gigastudio 3.

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    Re: Running out of Voices

    Hey Jay,

    It's easy to use up lots of polyphony with drums - even with just a single ride cymbal - especially in a jazz context where it's common to play quite busy parts.

    stereo = 2 voices

    Play a swing pattern of constant eigths (say 12 strikes to the bar).
    If the decay of the ride is longish -say 2-3 seconds, then all 12 of the hits in that single bar will overlap.

    That's 12 x 2(stereo)= 24 voices in a single bar.

    There are ways to get around this using the editor.

    1. Gigastudio's masking feature will cut soft samples when the same sample is played after it but louder. You don't notice the cut off. It needs to be enabled for each region you want it to work on.

    2. Exclusive keygroups. Originally designed to help you kill an open hi hat with a closed one, regions assigned to the same keygroups cut each other off. You could limit the polyphony used by a ride cymbal by copying the region to a three or four keys and then assigning each of those regions to the same keygroup (not the 0 keygroup - it's polyphonic). As you alternate from one key to the next,the new rides will kill the old ones. You get to decide how much 'buildup' you want by how often you change keys.

    Hope this helps.

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