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Topic: Finale & the Strings

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    Finale & the Strings

    Hi to all,

    I wonder if this has been discussed, but I haven´t found something similar. I have a problem with my GPO strings in combination with Finale. If the piece is slow, everything is fine. If the piece is fast, e.g. with 16th notes in Presto, the string sound is very "unclear". I tried every Section (from Lush to Short Bows), but it´s not what I want.

    I also tried with different articulations, but no success.

    Does anyone has an idea how to get better results in Finale for fast string passages? Is there a tutorial anywhere...

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Finale & the Strings

    Fast string passages are always a problem to get to sound real. This is probably the most difficult hurdle to realism, and is largely a matter of trial and error. I usually start with short bow samples and much higher velocity values. I almost always end up doing note-by-note micro-editing to get it all ok.

    You should also see if you get closer to the sound with the susatain pedal (legato) engaged. The legato layers of the samples usually have shorter attack values.
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