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Topic: VSTi hosting on GS3?

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    VSTi hosting on GS3?

    Tascam's GS3 webpages claim "VST hosting", but only describe loading VST FX in the DSP mixer. Can anyone tell me whether or not GS3 can host VST instruments also? My guess is "no".

    I could wait and see for myself when my copy of GS3 shows up, but I'm trying to configure a live rig now and I'd appreciate an early answer so I can plan accordingly.


    - Steve

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    Re: VSTi hosting on GS3?

    My understanding is that it hosts effects (VSTs), but not instruments (VSTis). I don't have GS3 yet, but I'm pretty solid on that.


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    Re: VSTi hosting on GS3?

    Yep, that's right.

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