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Topic: Looking for recorded football broadcasts!

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    Looking for recorded football broadcasts!

    Does anybody have a source for downloading recordings of football broadcasts? I have an extensive sound effects library (including several sports-only libraries), have scoured all the online effects sites I know, and am somewhat shocked to find next to nothing in this area. I'd record one myself this weekend if I didn't have to have this commercial finished before then, and the time required to create a believable mockup just isn't available. Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for recorded football broadcasts!

    They must have recorded some audio snippets for the FIFA Sports Games. Guess those are hard to get and it wasn't of much help, huh...

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    Re: Looking for recorded football broadcasts!

    Doing a google for "archive football broadcast" came up with some sources, including http://www.wiu.com/live/archive/index.asp which has some Western Illinois games.


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