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Topic: a simple piece

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    a simple piece

    This piece is still unfinished. I don´t have a fast computer, so adding more will make the sound halt for a few seconds every now and then.

    Anyway, about the tune. I was inspired by the end of Shrek 2. Hmm.. what else can I say.. Well, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


    -Ivar Tryti

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    Re: a simple piece

    Ivar, you truely are the man. Another great track. More please.

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    Senior Member squoze's Avatar
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    Re: a simple piece

    OK, I've listened to this 3 or 4 times. At first I didn't like it. I couldn't get past the rhythm of the strings. But now, its has a really nice flow for some reason. I think there are some real nice parts in there. It's different, I like it.
    There were a couple of places the where the chord changes seemed predictable, but I really liked it where I heard an unexpected note here and there.
    Didn't pay attention to the music in Shrek, but next time I will. Anything else you can tell me about the Shrek music?

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    Re: a simple piece


    Very nice for an unfished piece. Like Squoze, I too had to listen a couple of times to get accustomed to the string rhythms, but I really like it. The high melody above is a nice contrast to the busy strings.

    Can't wait to hear this fully developed!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: a simple piece

    I thought is was a fun piece. I'm interested to hear where you take it. It may be my speakers but the clarinet could be a little more forward in the mix.

    Me fail English? That's unpossible.

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