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Topic: GPO Studio, XP and Sibelius

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    GPO Studio, XP and Sibelius

    Hi everyone

    I've just got GPO to use with Sibelius 3 under Windows XP, and I'm having some trouble with glitches on the audio when the system is playing.

    The glitches happen at periods of reasonably heavy activity - but not so heavy that I would expect glitches - hence my query.

    I'm using GPO Studio 1.2 with 12 instruments loaded, so that I can play back the Sibelius Hebrides Overture demo. At certain points in the music, the CPU meter in GPO Studio reaches about 82% - which corresponds roughly with the glitches - but the CPU meter in Task Manager only shows about half that - about 40%.... I am puzzled by this discrepancy!

    I'm using a P4 2.8GHz with a Digi002Rack interface on an Asus mobo. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Looking forward to getting this working seemlessly! Many thanks,


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    Re: GPO Studio, XP and Sibelius

    Turn off the reverb plugin in Studio (Ambience.) That is causing you to have more CPU usage. There is a bypass button in Studio ver 1.2 which you say you are using.

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    Re: GPO Studio, XP and Sibelius

    Or you can turn down the quality level in the Ambience reverb within GPO Studio. I kind of like having the reverb still going, so that's what I usually recommend. You'll still get a fairly nice reverb even at 5% quality, though of course it's not as good as the 100% level. If you have a built in reverb on yuor soundcard, you could just bypass the reverb in Ambience (in GPO Studio 1.2), as Joseph suggested. Either way you'll save a lot of CPU and help avoid those spikes that cause glitches.

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    Exclamation Re: GPO Studio, XP and Sibelius

    Hey pants,
    Also worth asking about - what kind of soundcard are you using and how much RAM do you have? The answers could shed some additional light on how to help...

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    Re: GPO Studio, XP and Sibelius

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

    I had already found that if I bypass the Ambience plug-in, the glitches disappear - but I was surprised that such a (seemingly) basic reverb plug (no offence intended here - I'm quite impressed with the sound of it) was causing such a processor load. Are there problems with the plug-in with CPU load spikes?

    I hadn't noticed the quality control on the plug-in there - thanks for the heads-up Jeff!

    For the record, I'm using a Digidesign Digi002Rack (which does not have built-in reverb), and I have 2GB of RAM.

    I'm not a Windows XPert at all, but does anyone have any idea why the processor load reads so differently in GPO Studio, compared with Task Manager?!

    Best wishes,

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