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Topic: Gigastudio & Midi

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    Gigastudio & Midi

    here's something I still don't understand: is there a way to actually import
    a .midi file into gigastudio instead of using instruments? I mean, there's gotta be a way, right?
    I'd appreciate any kind of response... like 'ofcourse there is! haha such a n00b' or 'wHAT ?! are you NUTZ???' or even 'this dude can't even play a single note' but I just gotta know this because it's driving me crazy...


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    Re: Gigastudio & Midi

    MIDI files are sort of a glorified player piano roll. Two things are missing for Gigastudio to play it directly. First, unless you load up some instruments into gigastudio, there is nothing for it to play. The interpretation of what the MIDI channels mean has always been up to the synthesizer...there is a convention (General MIDI) for mapping instruments to particular channels, and at least one library for gigastudio (Conextant) that implements this mapping.

    The other thing Gigastudio is missing the "roll player" part of the piano. You need to feed the midi file into some sort of sequencer. Simple sequencers can be had for nothing (or next to it).

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    Re: Gigastudio & Midi

    I'll expand what FlyingRon has to say in that you need load up the midi file you want to hear into a midi sequencer (Cubase, Sonar, any cheap midi program will do) and then start Gigastudio. There is a General Midi module available for Gigastudio (GM 500) that automatically sets itself up to the general midi standard so that when you press play it works 'out of the box' so to speak. The quality of the module is better than most soundcard GM modules. I don't know if it justifies the cost, though. Does Giga 160 come with a smaller version of the GM 500, I can't remember? If it does, just use that.

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