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Topic: Anxious Romance

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    Anxious Romance

    Hi all.
    This piece has two violins and a cello. At first I was just playing around with the violins. The first violin had about 15% on the portamento knob, and then I automated the pitch on the second violin, to get that not-so-perfect synchronization. After a while, I decided to add the cello, and after a few hours of work, I made this

    I think real players should be able to preform this.. <-- just a funny thought


    -Ivar Tryti

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    Re: Anxious Romance

    I'm getting nothing. The link errors out.

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    Re: Anxious Romance

    You're right, I get an error too. Damn geocities...
    Well, I hope this link works:


    -Ivar Tryti

    ps. copy the link and paste it in a diffirent window to download.
    Last edited by Dummyplug; 09-02-2004 at 09:04 AM. Reason: download might not work

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    Re: Anxious Romance

    Got lots of cookies and popups, but no music even with your new link. May require loading more plugins which I hate to do!

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