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Topic: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

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    Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    I had this dream the other day where I was flying around in a Wonka's Chocolate Factory-like setting ... It was more like a gigantic enclosed park, and it looked very Tim Burton-esque, or something from a Mark Ryden painting. I composed this song with the vague image of my dream in mind the whole time, and I thought you all would like to hear it. The song is here: http://www.nigel.has.it and it's entitled "Into Wonka's Factory Land". Of course, all comments and suggestions are appreciated. Mostly Vienna was used, but I used some soundfonts here and there, and the percussion is all Miroslav.

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Hey, you referred to me as "Mr. Dantz"! You post on the Elfman boards, also?

    Yes, I am awaiting Elfman's score, and Burton's movie ... very much so. That is probably why I had this dream, I'm guessing.

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Ah, Choco!

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Hey, come on, guys. Don't leave me in the dark, here. Even if you think it sucks, I want to know! All opinions are welcome.

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Very nice!

    The first three minutes of this reminds me of Stravinsky's Dumbarton Oaks. Steve Reich's music too.

    I'll have to digest it some more!


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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Thanks, Marko! I'll have to check out that piece.

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    I think you have good skills, especially considering your age.
    I was studying classical guitar at that age.

    Its great to see a young guy like yourself who's so
    musically broad. That's a rare thing these days.

    I like the piece. I like the detche' intro, though i hear a few
    off rythym notes. Really only 2 actually. Maybe you were
    de-quantizing and went a little overboard on those.

    I think you did a good job overall with orchestration.
    I realize with most of your pieces, you're going for the
    evocation of a mood. Wich you accomplish.

    My uneducated critique would be, though the parts are
    smoothly connected, the seem unrelated at times. There's no
    one memorable phrase that gets developed or repeated throughout.
    But that may not be what you're going for, or what you're about,so......
    I'm new at this orch stuff, so forgive any ignorant comments.
    I'm learning.

    Either way, i enjoy listening, and i will enjoy watching you
    progress in your art.
    Thanks for putting up so much great stuff for us to listen to
    for free at your site!! VERY COOL!!

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Thank you very, very much, toddk! I appreciate any sort of critique from all points of views, so absolutely not, your comments are not ignorant at all.

    Thanks again, guys!

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    Very Funy and expresive Composition!,

    "God is Love"

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    Re: Composition based loosely on 'Wonka'

    As a preparation for listening to this song, i tied my leg on the Computer Desk just in case things get out of hand .
    The intro got me floating a bit untill all the string section came in and found my self lying on the roof .
    You've done a excellent job and this Does describe a Chocolate factory thing . Excellent. A great composer is before us people
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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