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Topic: legally buy mp3 in russia?

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    legally buy mp3 in russia?

    ok , maybe is OT, but let's discuss about this:

    look at this site:

    here you can buy commercial mp3, form a very huge catalogue at the cost of 0.01$ per MB.

    the first question you will ask, like me, will be: "is this legal"??

    well, i still don't know. the only thing i found is the followin statement:

    Is it legal to download music from site AllOFMP3.com?

    All the materials in the MediaServices projects are available for distribution through Internet according to license # LS-3?-03-79 of the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society. Under the license terms, MediaServices pays license fees for all the materials subject to the Law of the Russian Federation "On Copyright and Related Rights". All the materials are available solely for personal use and must not be used for further distribution, resale or broadcasting.

    Users are responsible for any usage and distribution of all materials received from AllOFMP3.com. This responsibility depends on the local legislation of each user's country of residence. AllOFMP3.com's Administration does not keep up with the laws of different countries and is not responsible the actions of non-Russian users.

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    Re: legally buy mp3 in russia?

    Its an interesting one. Apparently they charge "by the megabyte" so the higher quality you want the more you pay for it.

    Our local paper has done as story on it;

    So does a British one;
    One of the things that concerns me though, when you do a search on the "Russian Multimedia and Internet Society" - all you get are references to this site.

    I wonder if it even exists?
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    Re: legally buy mp3 in russia?

    It does indeed exist, or they refer in the russian site to this address:

    Company OOO "Diasko Consulting"
    Ul. Mitinskaya 37
    123368 Moscow

    Telephone +7 (095) 506-5258

    And the copyright issues are said to be managed by this company:


    But that being said, I would sincerely doubt that non-russian copyright holders will ever see a penny of the claimed returns they pay to ROMS.

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    Re: legally buy mp3 in russia?

    In Mother Russia MP3 buy you!

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    Re: legally buy mp3 in russia?

    Quote Originally Posted by lumpyhed
    In Mother Russia MP3 buy you!
    LOL! I wonder why there are no Russians on this forum. They have to be using all this stuff by now.
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    Re: legally buy mp3 in russia?

    Payment of royalties is a problem in many countries. Broadcasters don't always provide a detailed play list, and sometimes even supposedly reputable companies "forget" to detail tracks used. I'm still wating for any payment from Classic FMTV, although one of my tracks appeared on a "best of" DVD. One assumes that to be included, it must have been broadcast at some point!


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    Re: legally buy mp3 in russia?

    Apparently it's legal in Russia but probably not legal elsewhere in the world. This site was featured on "The Screen Savers" on TechTV in the US a while back and they were unsure as to the legalities of the whole thing.

    One download example they gave was the "The White Album" by The Beatles - available for download for around $1 at the lowest bitrate!

    I can't deny Mp3's are convenient but I still prefer CD's.

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