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Topic: Would you have chosen differently?

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    Would you have chosen differently?

    I am close to ordering the following libraries for my new job. Some of these I use at home, some I'm taking a chance on. Just curious if you guys and girls would substitute anything here. (I do have a budget, can't afford the big daddies, i.e. VSLO, Platinum)

    1) EWQL Gold (for orchestral)
    2) EWQL Stormdrum (drums and percussion)
    3) Ethnoworld 2 (ethno instruments)
    4) Plugsound Box (to cover meat and potatoes sounds)
    5) Ultrafocus (synths)
    6) X-Treme FX (sound effects)
    7) World Winds (ethno winds, love the dudek)
    8) Halion 3 (to play some of these puppies)
    9) Diva Bundle (just different)
    10) Cubase SL (to run it all)

    I use Atmosphere at home but thought Ultrafocus may be a nice change. Aside from Hypersonic and Sampletank I'm not sure of any better all around sound set than Plugsound box. I own the fretted instruments and synths and they're definitely nice sets. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Please keep in mind I can't add. Only substitute.

    All the very best,


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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?

    What of those libraries are Halion based? I would recommend having Kontakt in there for the East West libs at least, lest the new Halion can import them flawlessly?

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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?

    Diva and Ethnoworld are in the Halion format. Wordwinds is Akai but Halion reads these fine. I chose Halion over Kompakt because I am familiar with it. Does Kompakt stream as well as Halion 3? And does it import Giga files as well?


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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?


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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?

    I hear some issues with gigas on Kontakt but they will be resolved in a future patch. Halion 3 supposedly gets em spot on though. Kompakt is a waste of time however, nice library but lacks some kontakt features and other NI libs arent really meant for loading into it.

    Kontakt could be benefitial with your Gold as you'll get more out of your instances & you won't have several Golds, and another 1 or 2 kompakt instances for Stormdrum.

    Performance wise i'm not sure. If you PM Pink_Canary i *think* it is, he might be able to help you with that as hes quite an experienced Halion user. I don't know your system spec, but on a modern system you should be able to get a decent amount of poly out of kontakt anyway.

    Ultimately you need to choose the sampler based on the libraries you wish as importing programming properly can be quite time consuming, and you may well not be satisfied with the results.

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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?


    I too am a fan of Halion 2.0. Does anybody have any other opinions on the other libraries? Should I be getting Atmosphere instead of Ultrafocus etc?

    All the very best,


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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?


    I have Atmosphere at home. This is a seperate purchase for my day job.


    PS I want to keep the two separate.

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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?

    9) Diva Bundle (just different)

    Don't purchase the DIVA bundle just yet - it will be on sale very soon ... Anniversary sale.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?

    Is X-Treme FX even shipping yet? I've had it on order for a long time...



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    Re: Would you have chosen differently?


    Thanks for the heads up, please read my PM.


    I was emailed that it would be ready to go end of September. I needed some sound FX and this seemed like a great way of getting them.

    All the very best,


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