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Topic: Hope Deferred

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    Hope Deferred

    I tried to upgrade from GS160 2.5 to GS3 Orchestra on the Tascam web site.
    I got a message saying something like "Only products purchased in the US, Mexico, or Canada can be upgraded at this store".

    Now, I used to live in the UK, and that's where I registered from. However, I did purchase GS160 in the States, and I'm pretty sure that information is in the registration.

    I've sent some e-mails to Tascam and I'm awaiting the outcome. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Re: Hope Deferred

    Call them. It is much quicker and easier.

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    Re: Hope Deferred

    We must have you registered as living in the UK. Call us at 323-278-8584 to straighten this out.

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