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Topic: Good to be Back!

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    Good to be Back!

    Hi All,

    Scotland was absolutely fantastic. The weather was good and the people friendly and hospitable. Definitely a top place to visit and enjoy.

    I was unplugged for almost all of the journey and glad to see the GPO forum so active in my absence. It may take a little while to respond to the private messages and emails.

    Once I get settled in I'll write about the adventures, the GPO film scoring course, and the people from the forum we met in Scotland.

    Gee, it’s good to be back home and at the forum again.

    More later.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    I'm glad you made it there and back safe Gary. It sounds like you and your wife had a good trip!


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    Thumbs up Re: Good to be Back!

    Welcome back! The forums are definitely not the same without you. In your absence I got all the help I needed (and then some), but there's nothing quite like having your replies to set me and my GPO straight.

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    "Garritan", huh? Hmm, sounds familiar, but it's not really ringing a bell. Have you really been around here before??

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    "crickets chirping"

    Pretty quiet while you were away. I'm disappointed that I didn't even have to do any moderating.

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    Now that GS3 has been released, we can get down to talking about GOS2 on that platform...

    -- David

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    So will there be a bagpipe "add-on" module to GPO soon?

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    Talking Re: Good to be Back!

    Scotland? Good weather? Hmmmm...sounds unlikely. SO WHERE WERE YOU?!

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    Welcome back Gary !

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    Re: Good to be Back!

    Welcome back Gary!

    I’m glad that you enjoyed visiting my ancestral homeland! You will be pleased to know that you left this place in good hands. Styxx and JB have been wonderful! We need adult supervision and you’ll be pleased to know that there was no gap. But it sure is nice to have you back!

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