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Topic: Now That Gs3 Has Shipped....

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    Talking Now That Gs3 Has Shipped....

    .....Is E*V*E*R*Y*B*O*D*Y HAPPYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!!

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    Re: Now That Gs3 Has Shipped....

    Ship, schmip. I'm not happy, damn it! I'm damned angry, I tell you!!! I don't know at what exactly... but give me a minute, I'll think of something. Bah... to hell with you all!

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    Talking Re: Now That Gs3 Has Shipped....

    I know what you mean Kbaccki!
    That darn Trashcan [I mean Tascam]Gigastudio.
    Frigum Fragum,Why did it ship on Monday instead of Friday!
    Why not a plastic case instead of wood!
    And that darn sun is shinning in my eyes!
    Ok now that I have released all the frustrations of modern day life ,Ill be fine.
    OK seriously ,Congrads to the Tascam devopment team for the release of 3.0.

    I felt like I was locked in a perpetual state pre software anxiety frozen in time .
    I CANT BELIEVE! its actually out!

    For me personally I think Ill live vicariously through the giga 3.0 people here ,will be watching to see what bugs and if Tascam improves in their customer support before I pluck down my hard eaned cash.

    For now Im very happy and making music with my 2.54

    I know you 3.0 guys are a little cooler than me right about now ,but thats just something I have to live with .

    Your moderate to slightly less groovey friend ,Ken

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    Life is suffering.

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    Re: Now That Gs3 Has Shipped....

    I'm not happy. For one thing I still don't have it. But I'm still not happy about the way Tascam treated us since April. I find it very hard to believe they did not know back at NAMM that it would be much longer than that. But at least it's finally hear and seems to be well received.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiliconAudioLabs
    .....Is E*V*E*R*Y*B*O*D*Y HAPPYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!!
    If you guys are happy, I'm happy.

    I've got SX3 on the way - going into an Opteron-based machine running HALion3 in WinXP64 with 64-bit beta drivers from M-Audio. All of the power of 64-bit native technology and OS efficiency, plus the bonus of having 4GB of addressable memory space AND .2 second pre-load AND native surround support - PLUS the ability to keep everything sample-accurate with full PDC - *PLUS* multiple instances of convolution with Pristine Space (which include prositional impulses and serial rendering for speaker cabinets, microphones, and resonance impulses - plus a whole host of esoteric impluses from Spektral Relativity) - **PLUS** faster-than-realtime render.

    For $50, I might update to GS3, just to play with it, but something tells me that I'll probably let it sit on the shelf until they have serious multi-proc 64-bit support.

    Oh - and I have most of the VSL libraries available for HALion coming in on Sunday. So - if you're happy, I'm most definitely happy.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Now That Gs3 Has Shipped....

    Keep in mind that nobody wanted to ship on schedule more than the people at Tascam. The extended project delayed income, ran up the development costs and ate up a bunch of sleepless nights and time with families. They wanted to meet the schedule 100 times as much as any of us "consumers".

    That said, kbaccki's post cracked me up. Time to rent Anger Management.


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