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Topic: Loader window problem

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    Loader window problem

    I can't get the loader window to display the whole sample name. any thoughts?? it only displays 1st vln, 2nd Vln etc.

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    Re: Loader window problem

    Pull the diviser bar over to the right. Or double-click on it to expand to fit the longest name in your list.

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    Re: Loader window problem

    Or click the little plus sign to the left of the instrument name.

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    Re: Loader window problem

    Also, if you let the cursor hover over the name, it expands.

    It's a great UI, BTW.


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    Re: Loader window problem

    Thanks, but I must be doing something wrong.

    Says 1stvln - and the Dir, click plus and all I get is 1st.... for all the samples, thats it, I don't get the full sample names.

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    Re: Loader window problem

    I got it.

    When I fixed the view I got a "convert instruments to Gig 3.0" do we need to convert our old libs????

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    Re: Loader window problem

    I think you can do a "Save As", right Bruce?

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