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Topic: Conversion from Kontakt to Akai

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    Conversion from Kontakt to Akai


    I'm using the Kontakt Sampler on my PC. Now I want to use some sounds on a Akai based Hardware Sampler. Is there any possibility to convert Kontakt samples to Akai?

    Translator seems not to support this.

    Thank you for your help,

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    Re: Conversion from Kontakt to Akai

    He he..No. Kontakt will only translate a a non-native format INTO the Kontakt format...

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    Re: Conversion from Kontakt to Akai

    I believe CDXTRACT now allows conversion FROM Kontakt. But it will not convert Kontakt libraries that are protected (such as the virtual instruments).

    Edit: From the CDXTRACT web site:
    CDXtract 4.2 converts the NI Kontakt and the PropellerHeads Recycle formats to any other format. Note that the Kompakt libraries available as plugin cannot be converted. CDXtract 4.2 converts all the source formats to the DS-404 format"
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    Re: Conversion from Kontakt to Akai

    Hi Brian,
    thank you! Looks good and I think it will solve my problem!

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    Re: Conversion from Kontakt to Akai


    I bought CDExtract 4.2.1. via internet. It works well! But as I see it there is a bug converting form Kontakt to an another format. Key range is always C0-C4 although the program has a different key range loading it in Kontakt.

    I wrote CDExtract's hotline, but had no response until now.

    Greetings from Germany,

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