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Topic: A Soul Alone

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    A Soul Alone

    Hi folks,

    Just throwing in a new piece: A Soul Alone. This one is an orchestral tango. There are some pp to ff sections in here and I think it shows off the GPO's dynamic range pretty well.

    My usual caveats apply - percussion, piano, guitar are not GPO, the orchestra is though.

    Apart from that, hope you like it. There are some great composers in this forum and I feel overawed (and privileged) to be among you guys and gals.

    Here it is:

    John Hawksley & The NSO - A Soul Alone.mp3


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    Re: A Soul Alone

    Triple WOW!

    Elegant work. Nice melody and excellent use of dynamics!

    I like it very much. Keep up the good work.


    Larry A.

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    Thumbs up Re: A Soul Alone


    I really like your orchestral tango. Excellent writing and use of the orchestra. It builds nicely and soars in just the right spots. This would also be a fine addition to the GPO demo page.

    Thank you for posting this. We are privileged to have you among us.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: A Soul Alone

    Wow, this is one of the best pieces I've heard on this forum! Wonderful crescendos, beautiful melodies, amazing dynamics . . . . it's awesome!

    You said some of it wasn't GPO . . . where did the other stuff come from? (that guitar sounded great) Also, is there any chance that I could have a look at the score?

    Great work! Thanks for sharing it. (The music inspired me to visit your website for more music, it's wonderful!)

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    Re: A Soul Alone

    Hi Gary, yeah I'm pretty good at pulling the old heartstrings :-) Glad you like it - you're welcome to have it for the demo page!


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    Re: A Soul Alone

    Hi Sean, Thanks for taking a listen and the great comments.

    I don't restrict myself to 'just' the GPO: when I have stuff that fits with the sound that's not GPO I usually throw it in there. I did do an arrangement of Eye Level (on the website) which *was* just GPO, but that was my first production with the GPO and I wanted to restrict myself in order to find all the corners in the library (actually there aren't many!).

    Yeah, the guitar, percussion and piano aren't GPO. The percussion comes from a library whose name escapes me (I'm not in the studio right now). The GPO pianos (even the 'lite' ones) are really nice but with 50-odd channels of GPO I needed to offload as much as I could to other hardware, - so the piano went to the A90-VERD1 (it's patch 12 - I think it's a stereo baby grand). Compared to the GPO piano and the Giga piano, it's not up to much but it doesn't get any solos in A Soul Alone - mostly just harmonic fill and ostinato - so I left it as was.

    The guitars are from Yellow Tools' "Pure Guitars" library, which is really great set of accoustic guitars. They're very playable.

    Now the bad news - there's no score. I sequenced it directly into Cubase. You're welcome to have a copy of the sequence, it might be possible to retro-generate a score but without a lot of manual labour it wouldn't be very good!

    Thanks again!

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    Re: A Soul Alone

    Quote Originally Posted by John Hawksley
    This one is an orchestral tango.
    It sounds very interesting and unusual - habanera in major. B-dur at 02:11 is fresh and following d-moll serves as a good, soft contrast to the reprise of 01:20 (I'd use the same A - B progression in 02:43 to bring the last culmination to B-dur, not D-dur, but this is just my opinion). If you're interested, I used the similar bass patern in Quasi una flamenco on

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    Re: A Soul Alone


    Excellent example of midi orchestration. Pity you don't have a pdf score.


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    Thumbs up Bravo!

    Are the cymbals GPO? I’ve been having very similar problems coming up with a realistic cymbal roll [with or without ending crash] without getting a very harsh effect. (Of course part of this could be MP3 – but for me the harshness exists in my attempts in the 44.1K WAV as well.)

    While I like (and applaud) the dynamic of the overall piece, I think the “quiet” moments are way too quiet. It almost seems like the orchestra is in the next room. And the reverb is just a tiny bit too much (imho).

    So which is it? Habanero or Tango? Doing neither, I could go with either. Nice work!


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    Re: Bravo!

    Hi Kevin,

    All the percussion is from another library (LOP) which has a variety of matches cymbal rolls (including an even roll without a bloom) and crashes. The GPO percussion is okay, as far as it goes, but like you said, some things are a little thin.

    God knows what the piece is, tango or habanera, I've had enough of it now... I may go back and bring up the dynamics on the quiet sections but I will probably just move on. The peice isn't earmarked for anything.

    Thanks for the listen!


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