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Topic: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

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    The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    This just over the wire: Gary used his trip to Scotland to create in secret the most comprehensive bagpipe library ever recorded. The samples contain vibrato and non vibrato sustains, portato and staccato attacks, all in 32 velocity layers. Furthermore you get impulse reponses from 50 of Scotlands most famous castles. The library is available in silver, gold and platinum editions. Each library comes with a kilt and an assorted beverage; Lagavulin (platinum), Genfiddich (gold) and Gleneden (silver). Consumption of at least 2 ounces of the beverage is highly recommended before usage of the library and for enhancement of the experience. The kilt is Gary's new and unique copy protection scheme, if you don't wear the kilt, the library is only available as demo version, this demo version will expire automatically once the content of the various bottles is exhausted. Bikinis or monokinis are available for female users. Contact Marianne for details.
    In order to satisfy a need in the market place, Gary really went the extra mile(s) and flew 500 bagpipers into LA to record the famous Hollywood bagpipe sound. Full ensembles were recorded at Redondo and Newport beaches. A more intimate Hollywood bagpipe chamber ensemble was recorded at Seal beach. Impulses of high and low tides, plus impulses of LA traffic are included for the ultimate Hollywood realism as well as a bottle of Napa KHardonnay.
    All this is available for only $2.97. Contact Gary for more details.

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    Re: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    I can't wait! Must have it!

    And for good measure, there are extensive samples thrown in of Mike Myers shouting, "If it's nay Scottish, it's crrrrap!"
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    Re: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    Is it true that you can't wear underwear under the kilt???

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    Re: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    In Mike Myers Scottish accent,

    "We've got a bagger down!"

    "Aye, look at the cranium on the lad. Looks like an orange on a tooth pick.
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    Re: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    HaHaHaHa Now that's funny Jeannot!

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    Re: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    I can't wait for the vibrato samples - without that the bagpipe is useless.

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    Re: The secret behind Gary's trip to Scotland

    I've been there... and met Gary and I have to say that the beta testers had to eat some haggys and say "I want a wee bagpipe" every five minutes before actually trying the bagpipes...

    That was an excellent trip and meeting with Gary!!! Can't wait to see some photos!



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