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Topic: Gigastudio 3.0 in EU, when???

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    Gigastudio 3.0 in EU, when???


    nice to see that its out in the US.
    But could anybody give an offical statement about the release date in EU.
    Tascam Germany have no date yet.


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    Unhappy Re: Gigastudio 3.0 in EU, when???

    Yes, that´s what I wanna know too!
    Feeling it's so near but still so far.
    What a pity, I´ve been Gigastudio user since summer 2000
    and been waiting about two years Gigastudio 3!!!
    I feel tey are punishing us Europeans, just like case was
    with Sonar 3 upgrade (sonar upgrade 4 seems reasonable
    for Euro users).

    I've heard that www.bestservice.de is also supplying upgrades
    for Giga3, but when it will happen, don't know!

    I hope that upgrade price is decent too in Europe!

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    Re: Gigastudio 3.0 in EU, when???

    Given GS3 has just come out in the US, I would think you would need to wait a few weeks for more information.

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    Re: Gigastudio 3.0 in EU, when???

    Quote Originally Posted by Herman Witkam
    As far as I know you can already order at www.bestservice.de
    Are you sure?
    Have you heard something like that,
    because I can't find any new info or evidence about that!

    This what they say:

    "Gigaupgrade available soon.
    Best Service is handling all upcoming Gigaupgrades: Send us an email now and we will inform you soon as it is available. Info-Upgrade-Webadress:

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    Re: Gigastudio 3.0 in EU, when???

    You cannot order it yet from BestService. You can only put yourself on a special mailing list.

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