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Topic: midi keyboard problem

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    midi keyboard problem

    I have an evolution mk-461 midi keyboard and the Arturia cs-80v softsynth. I assigned the faders on the evolution to the ring modulator sliders on the cs-80 but when I try to move the sliders on the evolution it doesn`t always work. It usually works when I first open a preset for a while but then things go out of sync and it becomes very chaotic. There`s gotta be a simple solution (hopefully)as I`m probably overlooking something.
    Any ideas?


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    Re: midi keyboard problem

    Gee,I guess not.....

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    Re: midi keyboard problem

    Hi Rick.

    I too have an Evolution MK-4 keyboard. Have you tried changing the "Global Channel" setting to the channel you are currently working with? Hope that works.


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