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Topic: Turning Off CC#7 and CC#10 in DP 4.12?

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    Turning Off CC#7 and CC#10 in DP 4.12?

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to stop GPO from responding to CC#7 and CC#10 in DP 4.12. They are turned off in the GPO Options page, but when I hit Play in DP, pan and volume in GPO go to whatever values are displayed in the DP Mixing Board.

    I have re-instantiated GPO after changing the setting in the Options page, and have even deleted all GPO preferences and done a complete GPO reinstall. Automation is off for the midi tracks assigned to GPO and for the GPO track itself. It still responds to the values in the DP Mixing Board!

    I've searched for this topic in the forums but haven't found my answer. Any ideas?

    Bart McLaughlin

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    Re: Turning Off CC#7 and CC#10 in DP 4.12?

    Just because they are moving doesn't mean that they are affecting playback. If you have turned off the option in GPO for it to respond to CC7 and CC10 then no matter what resides in your automation track, GPO will not respond. So, you can't stop the knobs turning, but GPO should not respond if you have playback of these controllers turned off in the options panel of GPO.

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    Re: Turning Off CC#7 and CC#10 in DP 4.12?

    Doh! And I used to think I was so smart ; ).

    Thanks Joseph, you are absolutely right. The knobs in GPO move but the pan and volume don't change. Nevermind!


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