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Topic: NEW Ravel mockup using VSL & Gigapulse

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    NEW Ravel mockup using VSL & Gigapulse

    Hi folks,

    If you interested in hearing a mockup of Ravel’s “Little Ugly, Empress of the Pagodas” from the Mother Goose Suite using Opus 1, Horizon Solo Strings, Horizon French Oboe samples and GS3 Gigapulse, got to...


    or just click on...


    Thanks for listening.


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    Re: NEW Ravel mockup using VSL & Gigapulse

    Congratulations. Great Work.
    I«m waiting for my GS3 update copy, I want to hear what Gigapulse can make for my dry samples!


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    Re: NEW Ravel mockup using VSL & Gigapulse


    Ravel is not my composer, but your work, it is amazing. Probably the best electronicly produced piece I ever heard. At no time through the piece I had to "forgive" a fake sounding note. Great sounding, dynamic, just a superb work.

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    Re: NEW Ravel mockup using VSL & Gigapulse

    Very nice and convincing work Jay. Congratulations!

    How many positions in Gigapulse are you using?

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    Re: NEW Ravel mockup using VSL & Gigapulse

    Thanks for the kind words Elith, Ted and Nicklas.

    Nicklas-- I used 4 instances of Gigapulse, one for each major section (strings, woodwinds, horns, percussion). But because I have a slow computer (P4 1.4 GHZ), I had to record each section separately using only 1 instance of Gigapulse at a time. For a longer discussion of how I put this piece together as well as the midi file and articulation list, check out the thread in VSL's orchestration forum.



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