I have studied Garritan solo cello 1, again.

These are only small snippets from larger works:

1 .

Here I tried to mimic the romantic period cello style, and boy it is difficult.



This is a small section of the last movement of Divertimento No. 2 for cello and piano from a finnish contemporary composer Matti Rautio.



And this is the beginning of the 2. movement of Sonata per violoncello solo, again from a modern finnish composer, Aulis Sallinen, who has among other things composed some important modern finnish operas. This particular sonata was interesting to program, because it has some octave phrases, that I find difficult to get real sounding. And also ponticello is a nice challenge.


There were left some clicks, I noticed, but it is because of extreme use of EQ, they are not from samples.