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Topic: Kontakt vs. Mach 5 vs. Anything Else

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    Question Kontakt vs. Mach 5 vs. Anything Else

    (I am aware of the other posts about sampler's but my questions are slightly different and require specific and thorough answers)

    I'm feeling stuck as far as what kind of sampler I should get. Streaming from hard disk is something I really need because I can only fit 1 GB of RAM on my motherboard and I only have 768 mb right now. I'd like to work with the entire orchestra (GPO's instruments individually) while having as much creative control as possible. With Direct From Disk streaming, from what I understand, I no longer have to be concerned with RAM as far as Virtual Samplers go. So, what do you guys suggest?

    Please consider the fact that I will be using the sampler for much more than just GPO orchestration including all genres of music, so I will be using all types of intruments and effects integrated into my sequencer (Cubase SX 2, maybe version 3 in the future). Basically, I need a sampler that is versatile, comes with a quality library, can be used with Notation Software (overture, sibelius AND finale, and can keep me from stressing over RAM. 'CAUSE I"M TIRED OF STRESSING OVER RAM.

    Thank You.

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    Re: Kontakt vs. Mach 5 vs. Anything Else

    Well, I was going to say wait, but I notice you say that you need a sample that can play other libraries besides GPO. My first suggestion would be Kontakt. There's a nice upgrade path, it will convert most popular file formats, it can be hosted as a VST natively without other programs, there are a lot of nice programming/tweaking options available. The downside to Kontakt is that its performance isn't quite up to par with Gigastudio's but the trade off to me is minimal. I am still waiting on Giga 3, but right now my money is on Kontakt. I would recommend Kontakt for now and if things change you can always invest in Giga later. I don't think either company is going anywhere. Also, with programs like Vstack or Bidule you can use Kontakt with anything. Bidule and Vstack are VST hosts and can host multiple instances of the VST version of Kontakt. That's what I do with Overture.

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    Re: Kontakt vs. Mach 5 vs. Anything Else

    ewe stressed over ram? it's generally ram stretched over ewe.

    i think if you want a sampler that's compatible with GPO you have to get Kontakt, although i personally don't think the library that came with Kontakt was anything to write home about. but Kontakt itself is a very versatile sampler and there are quite a few libraries available for it.

    mick ó c

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    Re: Kontakt vs. Mach 5 vs. Anything Else

    /\ What do you mean "Its generally RAM stretched over.

    GigaStudio just seems likely to take up too much CPU because... as a standalone sampler to be used equally as much with notation programs AND Cubase SX 2.0, it just seems like too much (I have NO plans of getting an extra PC any time soon). However, if Kontakt is weaker than GigaStudio in some areas of performance, I may have to reconsider. My goal is to get the most realistic orchestratal music possible while being able to do plenty of other types of genres. I really need a sampler thats very flexible, that doen't rely on RAM, and that is reasonably light on the CPU. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

    Thank You.

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    Re: Kontakt vs. Mach 5 vs. Anything Else

    I wouldn't say that Kontakt is weaker than Giga. I'm actually quite impressed with Kontakt. I haven't used it enough with the DFD turned on to give you a good answer, but I'll tell you there is a noticable drop in performance when using DFD since there's no way your hard drive streaming can work as quickly as RAM. I do, however, feel that you'll get a good 200+ voices out of Kontakt with the right setup. I'd go with Kontakt if I had a choice, especially considering the upgrade price and the fact that GPO won't load in Giga anyway. The programming features in Kontakt are outstanding.

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