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Topic: Convolution and pianos

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    Convolution and pianos

    Hate to admit my lack of understanding, here, but:

    A. For piano libraries, is each sample convolved with the sample of the verb, and saved as a new file, or is it instead the overall sound that is convolved as we play?

    B. Is convolution applied to emulate the sound:

    1. of the reverb inside the piano for pedal down notes
    2. of the verb of the hall for pedal down notes
    3. of the verb for pedal up and down for both

    C. Or are different developers doing different things?

    Thanks. Sorry for the complicated questions.

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    Re: Convolution and pianos

    (Michel: just saw your reply that partly answers the above question. Sorry.)

    Can anyone suggest a good site with information about convolving?

    (Are piano developers trying mics in various locations in the piano for recording various notes? Does the location of a bass string, given the shape of a grand piano, create a very different sequence of vibrations within the piano than an E8, say, the vibrations hitting the left side of the piano much faster than the right side, and then moving back towards the center earlier than the vibrations from the right side, etc? Or is the effect of the mic placement for the soundspace recording negligable in a place as small as a piano? Should people ask such questions?)

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    Re: Convolution and pianos

    The www.catt.se site has more technical information than you'll find on many, if that's what you're looking for. These guys developed FIReverb suite ...

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