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Topic: criticism

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    Hi all.

    Somewhere else in this forum I read a post about the 'lack' of constructive criticism ... I'm new to this forum, but It is something I noticed quite soon.

    It is of course very nice to hear compliments about your music, but you don't learn very much from that.

    I don't know if you guys follow the other forums, but I went and had a look on the EWQLSO forum. Now there is some real constructive criticism going on. I think it is indeed an idea to try and do that here.


    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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    Re: criticism

    Well, the problem is, some people don't take criticism very well and sometimes with various nationalities and cultural differences you get different responses due to language/expression barriers. I agree, for the most part, its all pat on the back stuff. I think there's some good constructive feedback sometimes, but generally, things are kept nice in an effort to keep this area of the forum pleasant. Things get kind of heated when you have peoples artistic work on the line and sometimes people just want somewhere to post their work and aren't really insterested in hearing what you'd do better since they don't care what others think as the work is personal. There's too many unknowns and feelings involved with critiquing the pieces of others and its been mentioned that if you want solid criticism in the GPO forum you should ask for a no holds barred attitude and tell the guys to take off the frilly gloves and put on gauntlets instead. As I said, there's a lot of good comraderie here, and I don't want to see that forsaken. Take it as a bunch of pals just hanging out. When you get feelings involved, things often get hairy. If you want hard criticism, ask for it. That seems to be one way to get an honest answer. Most guys are just having fun, though, and don't want to hear about how much the hard work they put into a fun little piece for their own enjoyment doesn't measure up. It's hard to gauge how much is too much, that's why we should rely on the initial post to tell us just what kind of answer we should give.

    That's my bottom line answer.

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    Re: criticism

    Yep, I totally see your point.

    And I think it is indeed valuable to keep this a nice place without heated arguments going on

    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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