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Topic: Samplitude 6

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    Samplitude 6

    Those of you looking for a good audio program can't go wrong by taking advantage of this deal from Audiomidi.com.

    Samplitude 6 Blowout

    The audio capabilities of version 6 are outstanding and there are great upgrade options to version 7 or 8 available. I highly recommend this deal as I took advantage of it months ago. The audio engine in Samplitude is excellent and is highly underrated.

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    J.B. I haven't heard if v8 was released yet. It promises to be quite the cat's meow with plenty of midi editing. We shall see. So far, v7.2 has been pretty awesome audio! Need more time to fool with it though.
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    Re: Samplitude 6

    Sometimes I think we are alone, but there have been a few posts of late that have praised Samplitude's audio engine. It has been said, not by me, that it has the best audio engine out there. I just thought I'd post a link in case anyone needs a good audio engine, since I think it's tops. The ability to create your own impulse files from just about anything is very cool. Also, there are some destructive audio editing abilities that are just now seeing the light in Cubase and others that seem to have been in the Samplitude line for the longest time.

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