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Topic: EWQLSO in Giga format?

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    EWQLSO in Giga format?

    I really hope to see this happen. Now that GS 3.0 is shipping and supports 24-samples, this should be possible.

    I don't like Kontakt. It does not work for me.

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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    In the past Nick and Doug decided against Giga due to the lack of copy protection. Maybe there were other reasons as well, including 24-bit support.

    Tascam didn't add CP in GS3. Maybe they'll add it in an update. Maybe Doug and Nick will change their minds about CP. We need EWQL and Tascam to get on the same CP wavelength before we'll see a port.

    I hope the two come together soon. I'm sticking with Giga, and I like the sounds of many of the EWQL products. Until the newer EWQL libs are available on Giga, they're off my radar map.


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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    I own Giga3, however I have converted my entire set up around VST/NI Kontakt engine and it works brilliantly. I love the fact how I can install QLSO on at least 2 computers without the need for a main sampler or another sampler license.

    I seriously doubt EW/QL will move back to giga platform since they are enjoying quite a bit of success with the NI platform. Also the lack of copy protection is a huge issue against Tascam.

    At this point Giga seems to be a dying platform. Sure there's VSL, and a lot of pianos coming out for it, and a handful of others but everyone seems to be moving away from it and using their own engines or NI's. Only time will tell I guess.

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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    I'd imagine that you own Giga2. GigaStudio 3.0 just came out last week.

    I had a very different expereince with the NI player. I bought GPO and found that it didn't integrate with the rest of my Giga sample collection, didn't load all that many instruments and took forever to load. I really disliked the UI, and Kontakt didn't support program and bank switching, which I use extensively.

    Now, with GP3, I'm overjoyed. It loads fast, has a killer feature set, great content and includes GigaPulse. It's anything but a dying platfrom. It's reborn.

    Of course, comparing GS3 to the NI player in GPO is like comparing an apple tree to a free orange. I don't own the full version of Kontakt, so I can't make a fair comparison.

    Most of all, I'm a believer in running a single sample engine on a machine. I can load samples from most anybody on Giga and have no compatibility problems. But I found that NI and Giga didn't play well together on my machine. I'd need to buy another PC & soundcard before going with an NI player. It could happen, but it's not in the plans.


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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    Yes I have G2, but I did mean Giga3. I have upgraded to it as well.

    In the past I have used NI engines/vsts/giga all at once on the same pc on large sized projects with no problems.

    I often use QLSO + VoTA/other stuff ( with Giga) at the same time. It works well on my system.

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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    Now, with GP3, I'm overjoyed. It loads fast, has a killer feature set, great content and includes GigaPulse. It's anything but a dying platfrom. It's reborn.

    Hmmm, you might want to reconsider that. A quick look around will reveal that most developers are definitely developing for other platforms or using their own engine (generally NI stuff). Tascam really dropped the ball on GS, I think they managed to alienate way too many users and developers for GS to ever be what it used to be. Others have caught on, the latest GS3 is simply not as trend-setting as the original GS. I personally really like Kontakt, it's cake to program compared to GS2.5 and others, it's quite powerful and pretty stable for my aging computer. The Kompakt libraries have worked just fine for me, I get great polyphony and do what I need to get done within one machine instead of 2 or 3.

    I really don't see GS3 being a huge success unless some new developer comes out with some amazing must have library only in GS3 format.
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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    ...most developers are definitely developing for other platforms or using their own engine (generally NI stuff).
    I disagree. I expect most of the other sample library producers to release GS3 versions; in fact it has started already.

    I have purposely refrained from purchasing NI-based libraries BECAUSE of their copy protection. I don't like the fact that one can import the GIGA format into Kontakt, but one can't import Kontakt into Giga (at least not the encrypted libraries).

    If East-West ever released EWQLSO Gold in Giga 3 format, I would buy it in a second.

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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    I concur with Mr. Hines and Fairhurst. I don't want to deal with trying to get both NI and GS3 to live happily on the same machine, but still salivate at the EWQLSO libraries that are NOT available in Giga format. I can understand developers needing to protect their interests, but that seems more like a discussion about innovative security measures, and not one of obviating an entire platform...

    Gigastudio 3 will be killer (mostly based on the Gigapulse integration), and I'm guessing it will sell quite well -- despite the recent history and histrionics in getting it released. Many developers (Mr. Post, Worra, etc.) have already released G3-specific libraries based on its capabilities. If Giga remains the 800 pound gorilla, developers -- EWQL included -- would be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot if they didn't leverage this platform, or at least port into and allow use in GS.



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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    Well, I hope there will be an EWQLSO giga3 version but I suspect it wont happen for reasons already made clear.

    I know it might appear that Tascam have left it too late but its clear that Gigastudio3 is still leader of the pack to my mind and a few of the visionary developers out there like Worra and co are undoubtedly going to be producing libraries that exploit what Gigastudio and, for the time being, only Gigastudio can do. I reckon we'll be in for a nice suprise this next year.

    That said, I'm in no rush to purchase Giga3 until its been safely sussed my the average user and a few more libraries are released!.
    Trev Parks

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    Re: EWQLSO in Giga format?

    Of course, GigaPulse isn't such a big deal if you're using EWQLSO. But it would be nice in matching other samples to the EWQLSO space, albeit imperfectly.

    I'd personally be interested in Stormdrum on GS3. I can't justify buying a separate machine for it and don't like the workflow interruption of going between different sample players.


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