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Topic: GS3 as rewire in Sonar -- note names???

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    GS3 as rewire in Sonar -- note names???

    GS3 is a little uglier imo than the elegant gray gs2.5, but there is a lot to like so far (EXCEPT registration &4#65%*#&) .. but here's my current problem:

    Got GS3 working with Sonar 3PE as a Rewire device -- seems fine, but in the sonar tracks, "Event View", all the notes are showing up as note number rather than note names -- very disconcerting and hard to tell what's what. I'm used to CDEFGAB not 57 59 61 62 64 or whatever the note numbers are. Anyone know how to fix this by any chance? Not sure if its a rewire issue or an instruments definition or a gs3 issue.


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    Re: GS3 as rewire in Sonar -- note names???

    This looks like a possible limitation to ReWire or how SONAR relates to ReWire because anything rewired to SONAR does the same thing. I'm guessing it's because it can be a collection of different instruments that may be part of the ReWire instrument (P5, Reason) that Diatonic names might not always fit.

    However, not sure if this is the only way to workaround this, but if you plop a Drum Map into the track and just use the "Pass Thru" and change channel/port to where you need it, you'll get diatonic names instead of numbers.

    In the Piano Roll View you can change the note names by right clicking on the left pane and choosing "Use these names instead" option, but it doesn't seem to stick. Instrument Definitions don't work with softsynths, just the type of hardware/virtual ports that show up in Midi Devices, though I hope that can change in the future.


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    Re: GS3 as rewire in Sonar -- note names???

    Jeff, that is unfortunately only temporary with an open piano roll view, it seems, and it doesn't fix the event view window.

    EDIT -- thought I had found a workaround, but was fooled: this is still a big problem!!

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