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Topic: GOSlite import errors?

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    GOSlite import errors?

    I am using GOSlite with VSampler, but as I have no other programs that read gig files I can't tell if the following problems are with GOSlite itself or with VS's import deature:

    1. VS does now import keyswitches. But they show up differently than the GOSlite booklet says. The book says, for example, the switches for '2nd Vln WARM Basic comb' start at C2, but VS shows them starting at E0. Which is correct?

    2. VS shows the range for that same instrument as being G2-C6. Correct would be G4-E7 at least, assuming middleC=C5=60, which is what my sequencer HomeStudio thinks. VS thinks midC=C3=60, and by that definition C6 is a reasonable top end. When HS sends the D above the treble clef (calling it D7=86) VS finds no sample to play since D7 is above C6, even though if you go by note numbers 86 is within range. Does Dxi send note NAMES instead of NUMBERS? Am I suffering from middle-C-mismatch between HS, VS, and GOS?

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    Re: GOSlite import errors?


    GigaLite was made for GigaSampler and conversions will vary according to the sampler. Some samplers have different feature sets. I do not have VSampler but I can recommend a few things. First, check this thread: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...light=vsampler and perhaps private message some of the people that use GOSLite with VSampler. Next, try contacting Maz at VSampler and the VSampler forum and see if anyone has had success. Third, contact Garth at Chicken Sys who is the world's leading expert (and all around good guy) at sample conversions. Garth has a forum here at NS.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GOSlite import errors?

    Adie from the nice guy part, Gary is completely correct. =)

    I'll take a look at that particular sound in the current VSampler tonight, see what I can divulge.

    It's likely that VSampler is wrong, our Tranlsator conversions will be better, once we get that all in the program.

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    Re: GOSlite import errors?

    I got the note name thing straightened out - my Cakewalk sequencer defaulted to a different naming base than the MIDI standard. Once I fix that the names will match, and the beta VSampler I am using turns out to have a known octave offset bug which will be fixed soon.

    For the keyswitch question all I need to know from those who know GOS is: does the GOSlite manual accurately describe the notes used for keyswitches? Manuals have been wrong before. If the manual is correct, then VSampler is importing the keyswitches incorrectly (which I what I suspect, and maz knows about it). If the manual has a typo then I won't worry about it.

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