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Topic: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

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    Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    Hi all,

    I read that some of you already have the GS3's upgrade in Europe. Where did you I buy it ??

    Thanks for your help !


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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    My profile says italy but I'm in the states now and got it there.

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    Thanks for your reply. That is so, I thought you were in Italy ;-) It was to nice to have GS3 in Europe at the moment !

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    I bought from a retailer in states and had it shipped to england.

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    Hi Andyt,

    Could you tell me where you bought your upgrade, how much, and the way you registred...( and that's all ;-))

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    it was a competitive upgarde ($329) from mtlc.net.

    It was good for me since it was cheaper than GS32 > GS3 price in uk (429 quid)

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    Thanks andyt for answering.
    Tascam France just called me to say that the first copies had arrived in France and the next will be here about 2 weeks. ( At first, it was announced half october...)

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    Not before October in Germany at Thomann...

    This is the mail I received about G160 to Orcherstra upgrade :


    we don’t have this product on stock. I have phoned
    Tascam, we should get this upgrade In the middle or at the end of Octobers.
    The only we have got, was the price :

    Artikelnr. Beschreibung Preis
    173506 NEMESYS/TASCAM-GIGA UPGRADE GIGASTUDIO 3 ORCHESTRANemesys/Tascam GigaStudio Upgrade Version 160 auf GigStudio 3 Orchestra (Original CD-Key benötigt) 239.00 EUR467.44 DM

    This is the French tax. Less is Germany. (I never buy any more musical soft in France, prices are ridiculously too high beside Germany..., shame on us, and viva Germany ! )

    (This is a good side of Europe...)


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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    Etcetera in UK now lists their prices for GS3. Upgrade prices can be found here: http://www.etcetera.co.uk/cgi/search...&searchtype=or

    GS2.5 160 -> GS3.0 Orchestra is listed as £169. Ships late sept/early Oct.


    New music at

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    Re: Upgrade's GS3 in Europe...

    It would be nice if i could find somewhere to buy my $50 upgrade. Teac Europe still aint got back to me yet

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