Q: When does less memory = more samples?

A: When you upgrade your BIOS and your machine stops crashing.

I've got an Asus A7V8X motherboard and was running BIOS version 1010 with 1.5 GB of RAM. I upgraded to version 1014 and now the motherboard only "sees" 1 GB of RAM. And now I can load more instruments.

Before, I would get to about 47% of memory used and then the next sample loaded would give me an "unexpected system error". I'd try loading something else, then I'd get a page fault blue screen.

With only 1GB my 47% template is now at 72%. I loaded almost all of the samples of WSWW Extended and got it up to 92%. The bar was yellow at 72% and red after 90%. I loaded another sample and things got real slow. Then I heard the disk "page". As soon as I heard Windows hit the disk, I knew I had hit my head on the beam. I was able to close GS3, but needed to "end program" to get out. Some memory was "stuck" in msg32.exe and I had to re-boot to clear it. Hey, it's better than a blue screen! My guess is that I can tweak Windows to keep the sample heads out of the cache and things will be stronger. I also need to see about getting some different sticks of RAM.

Regardless, the machine is more stable now, and I can load more samples than before.

Bruce keeps hitting on the video card drivers. Now I get to start telling everybody to flash their BIOS to the latest version. We'll get our hardware to be stable yet!