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Topic: windows 2000

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    windows 2000

    if any one cares, for the hell of it i loaded on my 2k box with no major problems at least for now . however auditioning w/ the audition button sounds can cuase some problems. . my lowly 2.4 seems to gets about 50% cpu laod with 4 gigapulses. when i get to a piont i am going to put XP on but for now it seems to be working .

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    Re: windows 2000

    My Win 2000 machine will only load three instruments. I then repeatedly get an error when trying to load the fourth. It does not seem to matter what order I load them.


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    Re: windows 2000

    i still have the old ram tweeks on mine loads ok here. last night it crashed a good dozen time so i am going to get xp on it asap

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    Re: windows 2000

    GS3 uses memory differently than GS2.5. It used to be all allocated in the Kernel. Now they seem to be allocating it in user mode and giving direct access to that memory from the kernel.

    I used to be able to run my 1.5GB machine up to around 1GB for msg32 at 99% without crashes. With GS3 I got crashes at 47%. I loaded a clean install of the OS and GS3. No change. Updated the BIOS, which limited me to 1GB available to the system, and I can load up way more samples - up to 90% or so.

    It's possible that going to XP will present the same problems as W2K does. You may have some marginal RAM setup or other hardware flaw that worked fine under GS2.5, but isn't up to snuff for GS3.

    Let us know if the gig loading bug goes away with XP. It would be good to know if W2K isn't at fault.


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